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Youngish Duffer's New Year Trip 2016-2017

Welcome to the Getting-steadily-older Duffers New Year Trip wiki!

Trip List

  1. Ian
  2. Emma
  3. Michael
  4. Kat
  5. Alex P
  6. Caroline
  7. Simon B
  8. Ruth
  9. David P
  10. Jo
  11. Dave
  12. Alex T
  13. Ausma
  14. Lucy
  15. Becca
  16. Gordon
  17. Marianne


I think everyone has already sorted out lifts, but if anyone still needs one this is a good place to ask. It's also useful to know from a food perspective if anyone will be arriving late/leaving early so won't be present for some meals.

  • David and Ruth will be driving from Minehead to Kendal, via Derby, on Boxing Day, then continuing to Mull on 27th (1400 ferry from Oban). Returning to Derby (via Kendal) on 3rd (0900 ferry from Craignure). No spare spaces north of Kendal.

  • Caroline and Alex will be driving from Lincoln to Kendal on Boxing Day, then getting a lift with Ruth and David to Mull on 27th. Lift with Ruth and David back to Kendal then driving to London with Simon on 3rd.

  • Alex and Ausma will be driving to and from Mull in the Pettit Convoy.

  • Lucy and Becca will be driving from Sevenoaks to Moffat on the 26th, then to Mull on the 27th (14:00 ferry Oban-Craignure). Returning to Cambridge on the 2nd (11:00 ferry Craignure-Oban).

  • Gordon and Marianne will be driving from Oxford to Mull on 28th (16.00 ferry as for some reason there doesn't seem to be a 18.00 one that day). Returning to Oxford on 3rd Jan (09.00 ferry)

  • Jo and Dave will not be racing the Pettit Convoy for once but will be travelling from Glasgow on afternoon of the 27th (1600 ferry from Oban), and back to Glasgow on 3rd Jan (1100 ferry).

  • Ian and Emma driving from Berwick 27th (1400 ferry) and returning on the 2nd.

  • Simon arriving by public transport on 28th, returning to London on 3rd by some combination of spare seats in people's cars - possibly Alex and Ausma's car down to somewhere south of Kendal then Caroline and Alex car to somewhere near London again.


Mains suggestions

Please add suggestions here

  • Posh mac with five cheeses (served with peas) AT AT AP CP DF JF KH
  • Pork belly with onions, mushrooms and potatoes (served with carrots & broccoli) DP AT AT AP CP MF
  • Asian style meatballs with a tamarind sauce and Asian slaw DP RP IP AT AT EP MF GW
  • Meatballs in tomato & garlic sauce (served with spaghetti & green veg) DF JF BH
  • Tartiflette and salad CP DF LW
  • Pork and mushroom stroganoff with rice and vegetables RP BH LW MF
  • Chicken and chorizo bake with salad RP CP DF GW
  • Chicken balti with homemade sauce with lots of fresh tomatoes and coriander, with rice (and naan bread, mango chutney etc) DP RP IP AT AT AP CP JF EP MW GW
  • Bangers and creamy mash with red cabbage and peas DP RP IP JF BH EP
  • Chilli con carne
  • Fish Pie, veg (Michael is asking whether there could be fried fish instead, he thinks fish pie is just like gherkin pie). JF LW
  • Gherkin pie with pickled veg wedges, served with vinegar shots RP MW(yum!)
  • Fried salmon, mange-tout and lychee salad with fresh bread IP AP MF MW KH
  • Roast (Chicken or Lamb), baked potatoes, veg MW (lamb)
  • Steak with peppercorn sauce, new potatoes and broccoli with butter and almonds
  • Roast Peri-Peri chicken + sweet potato wedges + side salad DP AP BH MF MW GW KH
  • Lasagne with garlic bread and salad DF BH MW
  • Beef stew (red wine, parsnips, squash) with dumplings and veg RP IP AT AT AP LW EP GW
  • Persion beef tagine with dates and apricots, couscous and green salad DP LW
  • Fajitas MW
  • Braised chicken with lemon and honey, Greek salad and fresh flatbreads IP AT AT CP DF JF BH LW EP GW KH
  • Maple glazed BBQ chicken with red peppers and onions (Ausma's recipe from last year)
Desserts suggestions

Please add suggestions here

  • Sticky toffee pudding DP AP CP BH I EP MW
  • Apple crumble and custard DP RP CP BH LW I EP GW
  • Rice pudding CP DF JF I EP MW
  • Creme brulée AP DF LW
  • Banoffee DP CP DF JF BH LW MW
  • Ice cream sundaes GW
  • Trifle
  • Eton Mess RP DF BH GW
  • Cheese and biscuits AT AT IP EP MW GW
  • Chocolate mousse AT AT AP DF JF LW I EP
  • Pear, almond & amaretto tart with stem ginger mascarpone cream DP RP AT AT AP CP JF LW IP EP MW
  • Apple cheesecake with butterscotch sauce DP RP AT AT AP CP BH
  • Profiteroles with chocolate sauce and cream RP AT AT AP DF IP GW
  • homemade coffee icecream JF
  • Baked vanilla souffle with raspberries JF MW
  • Pavlova DP RP AT AT BH LW GW
Lunch being-slightly-awkward group

Marianne, Gordon, Becca, Lucy: We would like breakfast and lunch stuff in the smaller house too - save on fridge space and kitchen crowding! Happy to buy our own, or take a share of the group stuff, whatever's easier for the Maker of Lists.

Kat says: If you could sort out your own, that would be awesome.

Opt in for group lunch solidarity
  1. David
  2. Caroline
  3. Ruth
  4. Alex T
  5. Ausma
  6. Simon
  7. Alex P
Opt for lunch individualism
  1. Kat
  2. Michael
  3. Jo
  4. Dave
  5. Ian
  6. Emma
Wants wine
  1. Kat
  2. Michael
  3. David
  4. Ruth
  5. Jo
  6. Dave
  7. Gordon
  8. Marianne
  9. Simon
  10. Alex P
  11. Alex
  12. Ausma

New Year's Eve meal

I think Gordon and Marianne were keen to organise this?
Yes, we thought we would volunteer unless anyone else wants to as we haven't done one yet (G&M)

Are we right in thinking that we just organise and buy everything ourselves? And does anyone have any odd dietary requirements?

Kat: If you are happy to buy the New Year's meal and the lunch stuff for you and Lucy and Becca, I think that would be easiest.

GW: Ok, sounds good to us.


Thoughts anyone? Shall we bring games again?

  • I'll make a hill-related quiz (DP)
  • We still have lots of hot glue guns :) (G&M)
  • I will bring board and card games (Kat)