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Southern uplands unofficial weekend trip, 16th-18th August 2019

This wiki is to coordinate the weekend trip to the Southern Uplands on the weekend on the 17th/18th August. As this is not an official weekend trip, the club kit won't be coming with us (but members can contact the Safety and Equipment officers to borrow anything they might need, as per usual).

People who are definitely coming:

  • Sarah M
  • Ben H
  • Bill C (might bow out if I have no one to split the fuel with from Cambridge so don't rely on me for a lift from Moffat.)
  • Patrick T (pending approval of leave)
  • Cameron R
  • Bianca O

Logistics: There are a few options around Moffat for Friday evening accommodation (a campsite and the bunkhouse we stayed in last year, Rivox) which would probably appeal to anyone coming from Cambridge/the South. The best location for bagging is a really centrally located bothy, Gameshope, which we could use on the Saturday evening. It has really easy access to White Coombe/Broad Law and Culter Fell would only be a short drive away.

I think (depending on where everyone is coming from) a rendezvous in Moffat and/or near Gameshope bothy on Saturday morning would work best, with the group staying in the bothy on Saturday night after some successful bagging.

Please indicate below one of three options: travelling from Cambridge, travelling to Moffat (and requiring a lift to the bothy) or travelling direct to the bothy.

Direct to bothy

Patrick T: will need to arrange a rendevous for the Saturday morning.
Sarah & Ben (cycling from Edinburgh)

Lift from Moffat

Patrick T: if anyone's driving through Moffat or Lockerbie (or even better, down the M6), I'd apprecaite a lift.

Lift (or driving) from Cambridge

Bill C, can offer lifts to four people.

Car 1 - Bill

  • No. of Passengers: 4
  • Route:

As normal, everyone should sort themselves out with breakfasts/lunches. As we're not staying in a bunkhouse, we'll need to bring our own cooking equipment (i.e. stoves). We will probably need two or three stoves between the group for cooking on the Saturday night. If you have a stove you could bring then please sign up below, indicating fuel type:
Stove 1 Ben H (gas)

Stove 2

Stove 3