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Snowdonia Scrambles

don't drop your helmet

Dave is bringing one for him and Jeremy - thankyou! jnqjl
Andrena is bringing one for her and Bethan (or Joe...)
Tom is bringing one (can share if need be but it's quite small so if we have enough then I wouldn't mind the space!)
Peter is bringing one (space for 2 if they squash in)(+JH)
I'll chuck in a tent - Roger

Food: If everyone brings a random vegetable I'll bring 1.5kg pasta and tinned toms unless anyone else has "Any suggestions?" Bethan. Andrena seconds this motion.
Pub pub pub pub pub....but that might just be my laziness speaking! T. I'm happy to go to the pub - Roger

Stove / Pots:
Dave can bring one gas and a large pot
Bethan can probably borrow a gas stove and can bring pans
a trangia from roger
Jetboil for tea [JH]

Dave will have one rope+Rack
Jo has rack to borrow - anyone?
Jeremy has 70m and 30m rope + quickdraws if needed. He won't bring much unless (I don't think you'll any of that - Dave) specifically requested.
Tom will bring rope (60m) + small-ish rack
Peter will bring some nuts, hexes, quickdraws and a 50m rope if required. Andrena has almost exactly the same as Peter available. Roger bringing 30m rope and my rack (which isn't vast) Joe will bring his gear, plus either 50 or 35m rope as appropriate.

So, if we have 8 people, we want 4 ropes, then Dave, Tom, Peter and Andrena should bring them (saving Jeremy lugging rope on the train)? Unless we climb in three, in which case we may need another rope, or if we scramble, we will need significantly fewer...

JL won't bring any team gear unless someone emails him by thursday evening