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Roybridge - New Year 2012

It's never too early to start a wiki page for the New Year trip, is it? I need to keep track of who's coming, anyway...

Where we're staying

  • Kinchellie Croft, Roybridge, Inverness-shire, PH31 4AW. It's located north of the Grey Corries on the A86 between Fort William and Creag Meagaidh.

  • We have 2 next-door cottages booked: Eagle's Ledge (sleeping 6) and Buzzard's Nest (sleeping 8, despite what the website says!)

  • Apparently there is also a barn with kitchen facilities that we can all fit in comfortably and use for communal dinners etc.

  • Total cost is £990. Electricity, gas, basic kitchen supplies, linens and towels (for the correct number of beds...) are included.


The cottages are booked from Dec 27th (arrive after 1530) to Jan 4th (leave in the morning).


(Dates are arriving on and leaving on - please add yours if you know them)

  1. Jo (27th-4th)
  2. Dave (27th-4th)
  3. Sarah (evening of 29th-3rd)
  4. Ruth (27th-2nd)
  5. David (27th-4th)
  6. Michael (27th-2nd)
  7. Alison (27th-3rd)
  8. Alex (27th-4th)
  9. Caroline (27th-4th)
  10. Ian (27th-2nd)
  11. Emma (27th-2nd)
  12. Simon (30th-2nd)
  13. Jane (30th-2nd)
  14. DC (31st-2nd/3rd)
  15. Mary (31st-1st?)


  • Paid £90: Jo, Dave, Sarah, Ruth, David, Alison, Alex, Caroline, Ian, Emma, Michael
  • Others tba


Cars in Roybridge (correct and add)

  • Ian and Emma's
  • Dave's
  • David P's
  • DC's

    • Ruth would like a lift home on Monday 2nd January if at all possible??? Any teachers driving back that day? Yes, we should be ok to give you a lift to Carlisle station on morning of 2nd, if that's useful (IP). Thanks, that would be great (RP)
    • DC is driving
    • Mary has to work on Monday 2nd, so wonders if anyone was leaving to go south on January 1st (or early enough on January 2nd (6.00am start) to drop her straight at work at 9am in Larbert near Stirling)?
    • Alex and Caroline have train tickets to Glasgow on 27th and are hoping for a lift from Dave from there onwards :-) that's fine, Dave Train all the way home on 4th.
  • Michael - coach to Glasgow, arriving early morning 27th December. Train to Roybridge. On 2nd January a lift from Emma and Ian to Durham - train booked from Durham back to Cambridge.


  • DP - driving Derby to Carnforth on 26th December, then Carnforth to Roybridge on 27th December. Passengers: Ruth, Jo, Alison.
  • RP - driving Cornwall to Carnforth via Derby on 26th December and am happy to do the usual pick up, Jo!
  • Ian & Emma - Driving up on 27th, not sure where from.
  • Alison would like to join in the Pettit-mobile please, ideally from Bolton on the 26th. That's fine [DP]
  • Dave - train London - Glasgow arriving 2pm. Driving Alex, Caroline and himself onwards.
  • Sarah - 29th train London - Roybridge (arriving late evening - I'll eat on the way!).


  • DP - driving Roybridge to Derby on 4th January, room for up to three passengers.
  • Ian & Emma - Driving back 2nd.
  • Alison would like to get to Edinburgh, ideally on 3rd January. Lift to Stirling with DC on afternoon/early evening of 3rd then train from there.
  • Jo & Dave independent (with Dave's car)
  • Sarah - sleeper train to London on the 3rd


Proposed Menu

Date People wanting dinner Total Main Pudding
Tuesday 27 JS DF DP AP CH AB RP MF IP EF 10 Lasagne Christmas pudding
Wednesday 28 JS DF DP AP CH AB RP MF IP EF 10 Bangers & mash Lemon meringue pie
Thursday 29 JS DF DP AP CH AB RP MF IP EF 10 Homemade burgers & potato wedges Bread & butter pudding
Friday 30 JS DF DP AP CH AB RP MF IP EF Sarah Simon JP 13 Curry (with veggie options) Banoffee
Saturday 31 JS DF DP AP CH AB RP MF IP EF Sarah Simon JP DC MS 15 New Year Meal - bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, salmon, lamb Sticky toffee pudding
Sunday 1 JS DF DP AP CH AB RP MF IP EF Sarah Simon JP DC 14 Fajitas (with veggie option) Apple crumble
Monday 2 JS DF DP AP CH AB Sarah DC AlexT Ausma 10 Butternut squash risotto and/or Mushroom & ale pie Cheesecake
Tuesday 3 JS DF DP AP CH 5 Enhanced aligot Cranachan


Bran flakes
Bread (for toast)
Honey Marmalade
Chocolate spread
Butter/spread (anyone fussy?)


Sandwich bags
Wraps/pittas/bagels for later in the week
Cream cheese
Chicken Salami
Cereal bars
Chocolate (blocks and mars bars etc) Fruit + nut mix Malt loaf Apples Bananas Clementines/Satsumas

Orange squash + blackcurrant squash


Remember we are fairly close to Morrisons this year, so we aren't quite as restricted as previous year. Saying that, it's nice not to have to go shopping. DF

Here's last year's page, for reference. But I vote more stodge and less veganism! (DP) Seconded.

So I think I am the only awkward (fish-eating) veggie except Mary who is only there for NYE. I arrive after dinner on the 29th and will be leaving on the 3rd prob before dinner so only need veggie food on the nights of 30th-2nd. 31st is fine as I can eat what Ian proposes (not sure about Mary....). If we had the risotto on one night and something that I can do a veggie version of on the other two that'd be great - e.g. curry and fajitas....(SW) I'll eat veggie if its there but I'm happy to eat meat if its not. (Simon)

Main Courses

Meal suggestion Votes (add initials by seven options) Total
Shepherd's Pie DP AP EF 3
Lasagne DF DP JS RP IP EF MF 7
Pizzas (to use up leftovers) JS IP 2
Homemade beefburgers with potato wedges DP JS CH RP AP IP EF 7
Fajitas DF JS CH IP EF MF SW 7
Corned beef hash CH 1
Mushroom, wild rice and ale pie DF DP JS CH AP IP EF 7
Butternut squash risotto CH RP AP MF SW 5
Aligot (mashed potato, cheese and garlic) 0
Enhanced aligot (as above with caramelised onions and bacon) DF DP JS CH AP 5
Fondue DF CH 2
Bangers & mash DF DP RP AP IP EF MF 7
Stir fry 0


Meal suggestion Votes (add initials by seven options) Total
Lemon Meringue Pie DF DP CH RP AP 5
Apple crumble DF DP JS CH RP AP IP EF SW 9
Sticky toffee pudding DF DP JS RP AP IP EF SW 8
Cranachan DF JS AP EF 4
Eton mess CH 1
Banoffee DF DP JS CH RP AP EF SW 8
Bread and butter pudding DF JS IP EF 4
Cheesecake DF DP CH AP EF 5
Christmas pudding (non-vegan) DP CH RP AP IP EF 6
Trifle JS CH DP 3
Tiramisu JS 1

New Year Meal

I believe Ian and Emma were keen to be in charge this year? (DP)

Possible menu - please add additional ideas or objections. I'm sure we originally came up with a better menu but can't think now! In particular, how many veggies do we have? I'm not good on fancy veggie ideas:

I am veggie but I do eat fish so would be quite happy with what Ian has suggested - I just won't eat the lamb. Mary is also veggie - not sure if she eats fish (SW) Yes - Mary eats fish, and I'm sure she'd be happy just not to eat the lamb (DC).

  1. Bruschetta
  2. Stuffed mushrooms
  3. Salmon with sundried tomato and spring onion couscous
  4. Slow roast lamb with roasted vegetables in a red wine jus
  5. Sticky toffee pudding

That sounds really excellent, Ian! Can I be very cheeky and request that a) there is both custard and cream with the sticky toffee pudding, and b) we add a fifth course of Jane's chocolate truffles (or equivalent) to accompany our port and/or whisky? - JS


Add which whisky you are planning to bring here, so that we avoid duplication and ensure a good mix:



DP's bagging list

From Corriechoille:

  • Stob Coire Claurigh (M) via Stob Coire na Gaibhre (MT) and Stob Coire na Ceannain (MT)
  • Cruach Innse (C) and Sgurr Innse (C)

From Glen Roy:

  • Carn Dearg (C) and Carn Dearg (C) (NNE of Brae Roy Lodge)
  • Beinn Iaruinn (C)
  • Carn Dearg (C) (SSE of Brae Roy Lodge)
    N.B. Glen Roy has three Corbetts called Carn Dearg! Also two Grahams called Leana Mhor.

From Glenfinnan / Kinlocheil:

  • Sgurr nan Coireachan (M) and Sgurr Thuilm (M)
  • Gulvain (M) via the South Top (MT)

From Laggan / Newtonmore:

  • Geal Charn (M)
  • Carn Dearg (M) via SE Top (MT), Carn Ban (MT) and Carn Ballach (MT)