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Duffer's new year 2017-18

Welcome to the Officially-old-now, there-are-kids-attending-Duffers New Year Trip wiki!

Trip List

  1. DC
  2. Mary
  3. Alex P
  4. Caroline
  5. Ruth
  6. David P
  7. Alex T
  8. Ausma
  9. Lucy
  10. Becca
  11. Gordon
  12. Marianne
  13. Josephine
  14. Martha
  15. Hector
  16. Edward


I assume we're all travelling separately nowadays.

If anyone is not staying for the full trip though please note down the dates for meal planning purposes.

  • Lucy & Becca leaving on Monday 1st.
  • Alex and Ausma leaving on Tuesday 2nd.
  • Gordon, Marianne and Edward arriving on 28th
  • DP leaving on Tuesday 2nd (evening, probably after dinner)


Mains suggestions

Please add suggestions here

  • 4 Macaroni with five cheeses (served with peas) AP CP MW DC
  • 6 **Fish pie (vegetables hidden inside)** LA MW DC MC GW DP
  • 9 **Burgers and wedges and butternut squash hash (contains vegetables)** (can we have Castle burger toppings? AT) RP AP CP RA LA MW AT AT GW
  • 1 Maple glazed chicken, rice and leeks/green bean RA
  • 9 **Cardamom chicken curry with home made coriander naans, mango chutney and yoghurt** AP LA MW AT AT DC MC GW DP
  • 6 Slow cooked lamb casserole (Alan Titchmarsch recipe) RP RA DC MC GW DP
  • 1 Italian stuffed chicken (stuffed w/ pesto + ricotta, wrapped in ham) with salad and crusty bread AT
  • 1 Toad in the hole with gravy and veg RA
  • 8 **Sausage stew with parmesan cobbler bread topping, green beans with crispy bacon** RP RA LA AT AT DC MC DP
  • 9 **Jamie Oliver Crusted Cod (topping: sun dried tomatoes, parmesan, nuts, bread crumbs), home made tartar sauce, minted broccoli and potato** RP CP MW AT AT DC MC GW DP
  • 3 Pork belly with onions, mushrooms and potatoes AP CP AT
  • 7 **Honey soy glazed salmon with sesame and ginger noodles with bok choi** RP AP CP LA AT AT GW
  • 3 Wild mushroom and ale pie RA LA MC
  • 4 Chicken, bacon & mushroom pie (with green veg of some variety) RP AP CP DP
  • 1 Chilli con carne MW
  • 3 Milk HP MC EW
Desserts suggestions

Please add suggestions here

  • 8 **Sticky toffee pudding** CP RA LA MW AT AT GW DP
  • 5 Apple crumble and custard RP CP RA DC DP
  • 9 **Profiteroles with baileys cream and chocolate sauce** RP AP LA MW AT AT DC MC GW
  • 5 Chocolate cheesecake AP LA AT AT GW
  • 8 **Chocolate and peanut butter volcano puddings** RP AP CP LA AT AT MC DP
  • 6 **Bakewell tart** RP AP MW AT AT DP
  • 2 Chocolate cookies with ice cream AP CP
  • 10 **Key lime pie** RP AP CP LA AT AT DC MC GW DP
  • 6 **Chocolate brownies, chocolate sauce & vanilla ice cream** CP RA MW DC MC GW
  • 5 Treacle tart with ice cream RP MW DC MC DP
  • 5 Cranachan LA MW DC MC GW
Communal Lunches

Opt in:
1. Caroline
2. Alex
3. DP
4. Ruth
5. Alex
6. Ausma
7. DC
8. Mary
9. Josephine
10. Lucy
11. Becca
12. Gordon
13. Marianne

Opt out:

Communal alcohol

Opt in:
1. DP
2. RP
3. AT
4. AT
5. DC and Mary (1 person's amount between us)
6. AP
7. GW
8. MW

Opt out:
1. Caroline
2. Lucy
3. Becca

New Year's Eve meal

Alex P and Caroline will organise. Menu TBC.


Watching/feeding/bathing babies... (washing nappies..!)
Avoiding babies - DP
Quiz - DP
Being beaten at scrabble by Ruth - MW (You have loads of time to practise whilst on maternity leave... RP)