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CUHWC Euro 2016 Football Sweepstake

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Well we have 20 players in total. 6 from Thursday night and another 14 from the garden party who have to forfeit the first match (Sorry!). You get 3 points for a perfect prediction (highlighted yellow) and 1 point for the correct result (highlighted pink).

Feel free to add comments / discuss publicly / make jokes at the end. Please sign your comments.

  • Paul Cook: OK I have entered all the scores now and scored the first 6 matches. John has the early lead with 4 perfect predictions. Ben is still pointless.

  • Paul Cook: 4 more matches added. Alex takes the lead with 5 perfect predictions out of 10. Everyone has some points. I'm glad Matt H is losing. Nothing personal - just that his prediction relies on the competition being dull and I want to be entertained.

  • Paul Cook: Sorry I was away for the weekend at a place that claims to have wifi but was lying! Round 2 is complete. Camilla has caught up with Alex and they share the lead. Several people can still realistically win this. 10 matches to go!

  • Paul Cook: Aaaaand it's all over. Well done to the winner Alex. The extra initial match didn't make any different in the end. Honorable mentions to Becky and Camilla too. The girls-only "podium" are streets ahead of everyone else. Hope you enjoyed it. Here's the leader table:

  • 32 Alex
  • 31
  • 30
  • 29 Becky, Camilla
  • 28
  • 27
  • 26
  • 25 Harriet
  • 24 Andrew, Zekang
  • 23 Taavi, John
  • 22 Tom
  • 21 Matt A
  • 20 Adrien
  • 19 Paul, Matt H
  • 18 Nebibe, David, Ben, Andy
  • 17 Mark, Kuba, Huw

  • Name: comment

Team abbreviations (in case they aren't obvious) are: FRAnce, ROMania, ALBania, SWItzerland, WALes, SLOvakia, ENGland, RUSsia, TURkey, CROatia, POLand, Northern Ireland, GERmany, UKRaine, SPain, CZech republic, Republic Of Ireland, SWEden, BELgium, ITaly, HUNgary, PORtugal, ICEland and AUStria (not Australia despite it being in Europe according to Eurovision).